Dating a shanghai girls

Meanwhile if you don’t say anything you don’t even have a chance at meeting a girl and all I hear is “Chinese guys don’t like me,” or “I don’t know how to meet any Chinese guys,” from my female friends who are willing to date Chinese guys but never meet any. The biggest hurdle I see when dating Chinese guys is age. I’m not a homewrecker or anything, but since I’m not looking for a serious relationship I take the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach.

So when I meet a guy on one of those apps and his age is 30, I just kinda assume he’s married.

If these women were in their home countries they would say something like “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! This bar is a high-end Shanghai type bar, with 90 kuai overblown “fusion” cocktails with lots of passion fruit and sugar cubes set on fire. But, across the bar I noticed a table full of young guys. I watched them for awhile, across the room, and liked their vibe. Chatting animated and looking around the room, on the prowl. I kinda look at him, tip my glass slightly in his direction with a smile.

” or some other trite saying before going out and meeting more people. But I knew, as a foreign woman, they wouldn’t approach me.

We met in a bar, and have gone out three times now for dinner and drinks and by all accounts things have gone well.

Our second date ended with a bit of a make out session.

Perhaps they are too shy to approach what they perceive to be a strong, independent Western woman: on top of that, many Asian guys believe that Western women would never consider them as dating material, so they don’t even try.

Also, I met a British guy who wanted to get in my pants but I said no. There are millions of skinny girls with narrow waists and tiny boobs in Asia. Not to look too desperate or lonely I go back to my friends, chat. We yell into each others ears while talking, getting a little closer than necessary to actually hear. I think he’s gonna go for my mouth but never quite works up the courage. I’m afraid of going down the rabbit hole of forever texting with no moves so after a quick chit-chat I ask him when he is going to take me out to dinner. I know a young couple, in their 20’s who married and had a kid. Not for someone just looking for a fling it isn’t.) But if he’s smart enough to keep his answers vague, such as a “I have family in Shandong province,” then I can pretend to be naive and assume his “family” only includes his parents, aunts and uncles. In the beginning I would confront a guy who told me he was married but looking to hook-up. I don’t see her often.” Or, “My wife knows I have needs.” And I’ve heard plenty of tales of pregnant women who not only allow, but encourage their husbands to go to prostitutes. They think showing what a good father they are is a turn-on to women?And on our third date last night I figured we would keep the ball rolling.We had dinner, drinks, we were flirting and touchy and everything was right on track when he suggested we leave the bar. So we’ll see where this one goes, but I don’t have high hopes. If you want to be alone and sexless while your in Asia, then just tell yourself that “Asian guys won’t ever date me.” It’s not true, but if it makes you feel better, than by all means keep lying to yourself.

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