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It was around this time that Henry Clay and George Stapleton took up land along the Richmond River.Stapleton had cut a path down to the coast from Glen Innes and, with Clay, he purchased cattle.The two men eventually reached the Richmond Valley where they claimed 30,000 acres.They named their property 'Cassino' which was named after the beautiful town of Monte Cassino in Italy.A doctor arrived two years later and in the same year (1859) a second hotel, Tattersalls, was opened.In 1861 the town saw the opening of the first Public School and the population had grown to a point where there was a mail delivery once a week. Robert Dawson, who arrived in the area in 1870, described it as 'a drab little village though there were some buildings of fair pretensions' and observed that 'roads were almost non-existent, only rough bush tracks being available' and that 'nowhere on the Richmond were there any banks, churches, newspapers or telegraph lines'.

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By 1857 a private school had been opened (it catered for 15 students) on the bank of the Richmond River near where the Irving Bridge stands.

Later that year a policeman arrived in 'The Falls' and the following year a bark hut was built which became the Court House.

In 1855 the Surveyor General, Sir Thomas Mitchell, declared the need for a town in the valley with suburban allotments and a proper subdivision.

With a population of around 12,000 it is a thriving rural centre which relies heavily on the region's cattle industry combined with the importance of the local timber industry.

To appreciate the scale of the local cattle industry it is worth noting that over 120,000 head of cattle are sold at the Casino Livestock Selling Centre each year. Court House There is some dispute about the dating of the Casino Court House.

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