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Tears: Former South Korean 'comfort woman' Lee Ok-sun (second from left) speaks as the others react during a news conference at a shelter for Japan's former sex slaves, following the ground-breaking agreement But for the two nations, the agreement could begin to reverse decades of animosity and mistrust.It represents a shift for Tokyo's conservative government and a new willingness to compromise by previously wary Seoul.

The women and young girls held as Japanese sex slaves were from the Korean peninsula, China, the Philippines and what is now Indonesia.In partnership with The Weinstein Company, Playboy collaborated with Quentin Tarantino to develop a limited edition Playboy t-shirt inspired by The Hateful Eight, which was given away to fans.The program was amplified via custom content, a custom video series, co-branded promotions, and multi-channel social amplification.To increase buzz around the DVD & Blu-ray release of Entourage the movie, Playboy developed a socially-driven digital marketing program to capture guys’ attention by giving them the chance to live like a VIP for one weekend in Hollywood —with Playmates included.developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.

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