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On its west is the Mediterranean with timeless fishing villages, pristine beaches, secret coves, little harbors and turquoise waters.

Even though you may not have heard of Croatia, many people say it’s the closest thing to the Mediterranean of the past years – relaxed, safe, beautiful and unspoiled.

The cost of living in France depends on where you live. However, downtown apartments and condominiums can reach the astronomical price of 00 to 00 U. It is a country with just about everything to offer from inexpensive land and low building costs to a stable government and excellent health care.

France is basically a rural country and the cost of living in one of its small country towns is a lot less than living in Paris or Marseille. The cost to rent in communities near Paris can be around 5 U. Honduras’s cost of living is between one-third and one-half less than that of its Central American neighbors and is considered to be one of the world’s most reasonable.

In fact, it has become a number one place for retirees, property investors and second-home buyers.

Italy Part of Italy lies on the European Continent while the majority is on the Italian Peninsula.

It also has the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Seal – Sicily and Sardinia.

This nation also offers just about everything you could want in the way of breathtaking scenery – from the famous Galapagos Islands to snow-capped volcanoes. out of an ATM machine on Monday and this will cover your expenses for the entire next week. France France may be the best place in the world to retire.

It is not really a stretch to say that you can live like a king in Ecuador on a pauper’s budget. Many also say you can live fairly well in Ecuador for about 0 U. It has just about everything you could want in a place to live – amazing architecture, great food, a temperate climate (for the most part), the world’s best wines and haute couture.

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